Alan R Stevenson

On February 26th 2010 at 9:25 a.m., 

                while on a city bus en route to work during the only snow storm of the year, I died of a heart attack.

I spent what would be a day’s worth of happenings/or events if you will, on the other side, yet

returned here several minutes later, having been given a task once I set forth my choice to return.

               It is the lesson of Being in a physical world we are yet to learn. Our blind spots are many and

knowledge of what is truly important…little. Much in the same way that we know little about and do

not understand death, the same is also true about Life.”

“When I came back, I fell in Love with all that there is, from all that I had learned.” wherein

“The opposite of Love is actually fear, for hate is merely the fear to Love”

From the Beings of 111 / 3 : “Know that you are Loved, Wanted, Needed by so many and you

shall find your place to start.”

Alan R. Stevenson is: A Father to two Gems…



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“Toss fear aside and be genuine in all that you do

                                                 and those you meet will know the Soul you truly are.”

                                                                            Alan R. Stevenson

“Peacefulness resides where you choose to allow it”

                                                              Alan R. Stevenson

” Fall in Love with Life,

                     and you shall be in Love for your entire Life.”

                                                Alan R. Stevenson

“The road is a LONG one. Considering the value of the moments we each have, you are so very Rich already.”

                                      Alan R. Stevenson

“At the start of a life we embark upon a journey in which so little is visible, yet we sense the grand vastness within that unfolding to come with a potential far grander that is not understood.”

                                                                          Alan R. Stevenson