The Book

“I Had to Die to Learn How to Live”

The long awaited for  and now popular growing book is now available throughout North America,

Europe as well as many other countries.

The best way to purchase a copy for yourself or as a gift is through these links

A comment from a reader: Diane T.
“Ordered, delivered, and read! I loved this book, and I really appreciate the effort it took to write it in such a way that your experience could be understood. This book confirmed things that I already believe about the “afterlife”, without denying the possibility of a “higher power”. Wonderful job! I’m wishing you good health, lots of love, and more inspirational writing!”

direct link to the Publisher.

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You can also do a Google search for the ISBN #  9781457543463  ( only the numbers themselves )

Thank You for your support.

Alan R. Stevenson