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Grief Coaching :

With a Heart Attack & NDE survivor

Best Selling Author

Alan R. Stevenson


When an individual is lost due to a passing, those people around them that Loved and

cherished their physical presences go through a turbulent transitional period of great emotional

and mental upheaval. A true sense of “Being” lost themselves, more times than not being stuck

to that moment. Although it is understood that physical Life has a beginning and an end we

struggle to comprehend what has taken place after the point of learning of their passing. Little

if any of an individuals passing makes sense for they were here with us as we knew them to be

just yesterday, but now are gone.

Best selling author and Heart Attack / NDE survivor,  Alan R. Stevenson has been

working with and helping people around the world for the past seven years. Helping individuals

who have lost a child, a parent, spouse, grandparent, sibling. With some having been housebound

for as much as nine months before finding Alan and reaching out.

Many of those who have benefited from Alan’s unique gifts he came back with from the “other side”

originally sought psychologists, and/or counselors before working with him.

If you are having a difficult time due to the passing of a Loved one we urge you to give Alan’s talent

for helping people the world over a try.



New Perspective’s      

RealLife Coaching :

Optimize Your Life’s Potential

Ernest Hemingway once said

“In order to write about Life

First you must Live it”

Alan R. Stevenson’s further take on this is, in order to help people you need to have Lived life,

died and been lucky enough to come back with a couple of Life’s biggest secrets, not to

mention several gifts. One is that we do not die in the truest sense. Wherein consciousness

is the foremost important element of Life. Another is how Life was meant to be lived.

For the past seven years individuals from many different parts of the world have been finding

Alan for help and guidance to make a transformational change in their Lives.

“It is with true understanding of the Truth we all become capable!”

Samantha writes:

“I do have to say, the things you taught me about energy, how it attracts, and how you can

protect yourself, really really helped me. I was on a total dead track and desperate to get

rid of the pain.”

With the release of his book “I Had to Die to Learn How to Live” in 2016 and it being on a

Best Sellers List for several weeks many readers Lives have been altered for the better.

You can see for yourself here on our:

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Sherri Writes:

Hi Alan…  I finished reading your book this weekend…. and I find it all affecting me so deeply in such a good way. I can completely feel the difference in the work you did on me before your talk. I have felt very clear and focused ever since. So now I guess I’m ready for level 2… lol. It seriously took me a long time to be able to even look at the last few chapters of your book…  Well this weekend was time… and I loved the messages!

There are many Life Coaches out there today and then there’s a big step beyond just Life Coaching with

RealLife Coaching – Life Optimization